Integration of the Soul and Personality Rays of the USA

by Henry Guy

The soul ray of the United States of America is the second (R2), while the personality ray is the sixth (R6). We seem to be living at a time of great separation and polarization within our society, and this is showing itself forcefully in long, combative election processes and a stymied governance. The polarization has been evident since the birth of the nation, yet the recent depiction of an opposing group in terms of disgust and demonization is causing many of us to reconsider our own part in all of this. Looking at the rays, a picture of the core struggle begins to emerge.  

Strength of Second Ray:  Loving wisdom • Magnetic, attractive love • Power to understand through love • Empathy, sympathy and compassion • Exquisite sensitivity • Receptivity and impressionability • Love of pure truth • Intuitive love • Clear perception and intelligence • Inclusiveness and aspiration for a completed point of view • Power to teach and illumine • Patience • Tact • Serenity • Faithfulness • Tolerance • Power to salvage and redeem. 

Weaknesses of the Second Ray: Fearfulness • Self-pity • Oversensitivity and vulnerability • Inferiority • Over-attachment • Over-protectiveness and guarding • Love of being loved • Non-assertiveness • Over absorption in study • Over-inclusiveness • Slowness of action • Coldness and indifference to others • Contempt for mental limitation in others.

Strengths of the Sixth Ray: Transcendent idealism • Power of abstraction • Intense devotion • Self-sacrificial ardor • Unshakable faith and undimmed optimism • One-pointedness; single mindedness • Utter loyalty and adherence • Earnestness and sincerity • Profound humility • Receptivity to spiritual guidance • Unflagging persistence • Power to arouse, inspire and persuade • Ability to achieve ecstasy and rapture • Purity, goodness, sainthood.

Weaknesses of the Sixth Ray: Rigid idealism • Unreasoning devotion • Ill considered loyalty • Blind faith • Excess, extremism, hyper intensity, overdoing • Unvarying one-pointedness; ultra narrow orientation, mania • Fanaticism, militarism • Emotionalism • Selfish and jealous love; dependency, over leaning on others • Unwise susceptibility to guidance • Superstition and gullibility, lack of realism • Self abasement, masochism, the martyr complex • Unnatural suppression of the instinctual nature • Idealistic impracticality

Fairly recently we have made headway on issues of equality for races and genders (R2), while globalization and recession led to insecurity in employment and economy, and terrorism exemplified through the 9/11 attacks struck at the reassuring belief that war only happens in other places, and that the rest of the world loves us (R2). The rapid change in our national life led to a general sense of disillusionment (R6), disintegration (R2), and fear (R2). This new national angst shows itself most profoundly in our political life. Politics took on a feverishness, with existential overtones. Political positions hardened, divisions deepened, and cooperation or understanding (R2) of any kind was taken as being traitorous (R6). Liberalism and Conservatism are at war (R6), and this division seems to be of more importance today than any other factor in our national life.    

There is an excellent TED talk by Robb Willer, a social psychologist where he shows:

Core Values for Liberals:  Equality and Fairness (R2), • Care and Protection (R2)

Core Values for Conservatives: Loyalty and Patriotism (Devotion R6) • Respect for Authority (R6) • Purity and Sanctity (R6)

To make some sense of the powerful political divide we find ourselves in, we could say that the soul ray is making its impact, and all aspects of the personality ray are being stimulated. However, the soul ray may not make its presence felt exclusively (or even mostly) through its strengths; its very weaknesses may stimulate the weaknesses of the personality ray, and this can only be resolved by manifesting the strengths of the soul ray, all the while integrating the two. 

The personality ray of the USA (like all personality rays) is a subray of the soul ray, and this gives a clue to the nature of the integration process we see at this time. To some degree, love-wisdom is manifesting in its lower fear nature including extreme sensitivity, vulnerability, over-protectiveness, and over-inclusiveness. This manifesting through the personality ray, might show as a protectiveness of our own vulnerability through building walls, arresting immigration, keeping our businesses home, and trade protection. This also seems to be at the root of why the USA comes off as a militant (R6), with stockpiles of weapons for both the military and the general populace. 

The esotericists who are participants in this great national being could very well have a part to play in the integration of the national soul ray with its personality ray. In one sense, each of us is a human but also a humanity. We have a long history of incarnation into various circumstances and vibratory states. The fruit of all of this experience is available to us, and through these experiences, all the actual vibratory states. The vital factor in all this is that the vertical connection, the alignment to the soul is consciously alive, and thus we might very well be the catalyst of the integration.

It might be a matter of reaching back into our incarnate lives and realizing the lives lived as fear (R2), self-pity (R2), and a freezing of our assertiveness (R2); also reaching back into our lives of already knowing everything (R6), and of holding an ideal so tightly as to distort our grasp of reality, sincerity, and authenticity (R6). Upon finding these patterns within the vibrating substance we surely have inhabited, it becomes a matter of redeeming (R2) them through reestablishing the conscious relationship with the natural qualities of the soul ray (R2). 

We do this as humanity, and when we do it a new light is produced that refracts throughout all of humanity, connecting us all in making the soul apparent. It might simply be a matter of learning to love what we have not yet been able to whole-heartedly love, whether that lies in our subconscious self, or in our national brothers and sisters. Love is healing. 

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