The Resounds Method

• Work with servers across town and across the world.

• High quality audio and video allows face-to-face, real time interaction.

• Facilitators have decades of study and experience with the works of Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich, Lucille Cedercrans, and most recently, Richard Rudd and his Gene Keys book. 

• Collaborative, intentional dialogue helps build group insight, sometimes far beyond what can be achieved through simply reading the text individually. 

• This online method was adapted from Lucille Cedercrans' Teacher Training, using alignment, projection, intentional dialogue, and resonance. 

• The content is important. The method may be even more important: a way to work with our mental, emotional, and etheric fields in their natural, aligned state, as a conscious, intentional service to humanity. 

Courses of Study and Service opportunities


Nature of the Soul

Not an intellectual treatise, but a course in self-initiated spiritual growth and development.   

Exploring cOOperative Leadership

An opportunity to focus and dialogue with a group on a dawning concept of leadership. 

and Others

Including Creative Thinking, Teacher Training, Leadership Training, The Disciple and Economy, and Transmutation, a compilation of quotes from Roerich, Bailey and Cedercrans organized into lessons. We have recently added a group dialogue on Gene Keys

I have already started to realize... a more free state of energy on the mental level, a sort of trust, a certainty in the Wisdom itself where I am starting to experience a flow of inspirations, concepts, more clarity, a contact with light which is expressed through more light. A sort of shifting from believing to actually being, letting go of the control and the sense of security that the personality was calling for.
— Elisabetta, Teacher Training student