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This approach to dialogue is a way to work with our mental, emotional, and etheric fields in their natural, aligned state, as a conscious, intentional service to the evolution of humanity. Collaborative dialogue helps build group insight, sometimes far beyond what can be achieved through simply reading the text individually. Work with servers across town and across the world using high definition audio and video that allows face-to-face interaction.

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Interaction between participants in these courses, is via a method known as Dialogue as Service. It is a scientific means of consciously creating the kind of group environment you have probably experienced at times with close friends or associates - where the conversation is just so stimulating and interesting that you don’t want it to end! Sometimes, this state arises spontaneously, but within these groups that field is consciously created by the participants, and once established, is recognized as being an alignment with something higher and more expansive in perspective than may be achieved by one’s self alone either in study or in meditation. It is a direct experience in consciousness that can be learned, shared and repeated.
— Don, participant in several courses

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Work as a group to bring through the deeper meanings indicated in classic esoteric writings. 

I have already started to realize... a more free state of energy on the mental level, a sort of trust, a certainty in the Wisdom itself where I am starting to experience a flow of inspirations, concepts, more clarity, a contact with light which is expressed through more light. A sort of shifting from believing to actually being, letting go of the control and the sense of security that the personality was calling for.
— Elisabetta, Teacher Training Graduate
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New Courses Forming Soon

Below are the Courses by Lucille Cedercrans we offer. Click each book to find out more about the book and the course. Each course is Active (we are meeting regularly), Forming (we are looking to start it in the near future), or Possible (we would consider forming the course if there was enough interest)

Below are the courses we offer as compilations of quotes from the works of Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich, and Lucille Cedercrans. We also work with Richard Rudd's Gene Keys and Group Initiation from Discipleship in the New Age, II.  

The lessons have resonated with me and I have been able to notice subtle differences in my life. ...The weekly practice of meditation we have done as a group has been helpful as providing examples of how to align and still the body, mind, emotions etc. ...The lessons have been helpful to allow me to watch myself for annoyances and conflict in body, mind and emotion. These always point to something.
— Kelly, Path of Initiation participant


The facilitators have a background of study and application in the works of Helena Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, Helena Roerich, Lucille Cedercrans, Richard Rudd, and others. We found, in the Cedercrans body of works, that the lesson format and topics work synthetically to put the inspiration of the Roerich works, and the encyclopedic wisdom of the Alice A. Bailey teachings into practice in daily life. The three synthesize into something greater than any one by itself, helping us manifest the truths found in all three. In living wisdom we truly learn it and make it useful in the world. The texts of these courses are important. What is even more important is the areas of understanding and application opened by working with them as a group.

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has completed the Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training courses, and facilitates courses online. He lives in Estes Park, Colorado, USA, where he works with others in the establishment of the Center of Synthesis. He has published two books, Saving the World, the Spiritualization of Matter, and Polar Shift (both available for free from iBooks). The Controlled Motion of Substance as a Teaching Technique found in the Spring, 2014 edition of the Esoteric Quarterly; that might be useful in that it gives further background on the format we use. A new article will be published in the Winter, 2019 edition of the Esoteric Quarterly called The New Groups. Several other articles have been published in the Beacon, and on the blog page of this site.



Most courses are offered for free. Teachers accept donations of time, energy, force, and substance to this work on a course-by-course basis; online courses have approximately $500 per year in direct expenses. If you are moved to donate you can use this PayPal link:  

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Join with others in person and online to collaborate on projects and events.

The Wisdom Gathering of 2017 became one of the most inspiring, uplifting, transformative experiences of my life! The event achieved that delicate balance between well-planned programming and flexible free time, giving us opportunities for spiritual education and group work, as well as fellowship and engagement with the natural beauty of Estes Park, Colorado.
— Cinda, Wisdom Gathering Participant


We meet in Estes Park in February. The winter is a time for quiet, inner attunement with the energies for the year. There is much silent, formless meditation, some dialogue and sharing, and time for the winter experience of the Rocky Mountains. We do not have the dates set for 2019; if you are interested, please let us know by using the email form on the Contact page. 

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Wesak is a time of great opportunity. Groups the world over, large and small, synchronize their service at an exact day and time. The invocative aspect of that service is to touch into and become the appeal of the prisoners of the planet for release into the warmth, understanding, and inclusiveness of living love. MORE



The Wisdom Group ( holds a Gathering in the fall. More information is available at