Headquarters Lessons

At the beginning of 1961, Lucille Cedercrans and students working with her were instructed to move to the US Rocky Mountain area to establish a headquarters center for the Wisdom Group which would integrate the head, heart and throat centers of the group into a synthetic focus. Some members of the group made the move and settled in Estes Park, Colorado where the new center was to be established.

A series of lessons called the Headquarters Lessons where provided at that time to facilitate the process of establishing the center and introduce many concepts related to the topic of Synthesis - lessons that are still very relevant today.

This series of lessons was offered a few years ago by Pam Nissan and is again being offered online via live videoconference by Lyn Hebenstreit, Tara Blasco, and Henry Guy for interested students.

The study group will begin on May 27th and meet regularly every Saturday at 10.30 am Pacific (Los Angeles) 11.30 am Mountain time (Denver), 12:30 pm Central (Dallas) 1.30 pm Eastern (New York) , 6.30 pm BST (London), and 7.30 pm CEST (Rome). The times for the class will not work for Australia. If you are from Australia and would like to have a class, please contact Tara. 

If you are interested in participating, or have questions please email Tara at: tarablasco@gmail.com

Minimum requirement: to have studied Nature of the Soul or other books of Lucille Cedercrans and possess a sincere interest in her work.

If you are unfamiliar with the format of the class you can watch a video where the format is dialoged about and demonstrated by a group. Click Dialogue As Service to watch the YouTube video. It will make much more sense if you read the text as you watch it. Click here for the text.