The Paradox of Desire

Desire is necessarily a condition of duality, and therefore separation. The state of separation eventually leads to disturbance. The part of us that senses the inter-connection of the world comes into conflict with our experience in our mind, feelings and brain awareness of separation. 

Desire presents us with a paradox. In some ways, desire advertises itself as the energy to get what we want, need, and lack. While at the same time, desire requires a condition of separation. What we desire is put off. If we had it now we would not desire it. We desire into awareness what we like. Are we enjoying the sensations of the experience yet? If we have it we are enjoined with it. If we do not have it, we desire it. If we are within arms reach of what we want, desire overcomes us like a fever. It clouds the mental field, heats up the emotional field, and fires up the nervous system.

We are just within arms reach of what we want. We might seek out relief, to fix this problem of desire. A fix is a climax of satisfaction that builds, stimulates and subsides. When the desire is fixed, in our grasp, cycled through satisfaction, then the desire is no longer a desire. We have it. It is not longed for anymore. Does this solve our problem? At this point, if we still have the object of our fix, it may become a comfort, and perhaps later a burden. If we consume the fix, then we are left with room for more. We are left empty. This can lead to a sensation of cyclic lacking, wanting, wanting more, improvement on the fix, or breaking the spell and moving on to another desire. 

We believe that by fixing a desire, we will be satisfied and feel completed, whole, connected. Instead, “fixing” the desire perpetuates the desire, and the condition of separation that we believe will be wiped out by satisfying our desire. 

An antidote, on the other hand, is a healing measure that addresses the underlying “itch” or "fever" of desire that results from the angst of separation and wanting to feel whole. 

Here is one technique I experimented with as an antidote to desire:

Go to a place that is easy to meditate as soon as we feel this fever of desire (this might be a location in space and time, or a consciousness). As if we are our own patient, gently and with compassion, attempt to detach the mind, feelings and sensations from the environment stimulating the desire. Communicate to the mind, feelings and sensations that we are delivering the antidote. Know the vehicles will squirm and negotiate like a drug addict or a delirious, feverish person who is sick. Move into our alignment with God, into the whole context, the healing atmosphere, of lighter frequencies, and of our connection to our sense of group.

Be the patient and the healer. Hold this dual consciousness. Recognize and energetically connect with all other lives having a similar experience with desire, and know that we are healing each other as we heal ourselves. Allow our process to flow into the world. 

Hold ourselves in loving kindness, and let the different parts of ourselves communicate with each other about their characteristics and qualities and purposes, without interference through judgements, shoulds and should-nots. 

Poised in our head and heart, while burning in the solar plexus and sacral centers, show our mind and emotions and physical body the area in which these feverish thoughts, feelings, and sensations are holding sway. Become receptive to our inner, intuitive capacity to heal this fever and be willing to accept the healing.

As the different parts of our inner-self communicate, maintaining the dual consciousness, invoke the antidote. We are not yet conscious of the antidote, but we know there is an antidote through our connection with God. Holding the dual consciousness, allowing the fields to communicate, create a receptive anchor in the lowest aspect of the consciousness. Magnetize the movement of the antidote from its divine source through each field, through each center, from the head centers, into the throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, base of the spine. Drawing any excess energy out the feet and hands into the Earth. The movement is simultaneous, moving through the fields and centers simultaneously. Cleanse and seal the new condition with a shower of golden light. 

If you are inspired to experiment with this technique, please share impressions and thoughts about your experience in the comments below.

Starshine NolanComment