Economy is the creative use of the energy, force, and substance of matter in form. 

It is the organic expression of the One Life in its variety, diversity, and characteristics, at this moment, now. 

Economy is relative - the present form of one life, is the past foundation of or the spiritual attainment of another.  

Economy comes into play when the abstract is precipitated, defined into the who, what, when, where and why of time and space. 

It is the limitations that define our responsibility and field of sacrifice, the limitations that provide the tension, pressure, resistance to propel us through the levels of initiation. 

Economy uses the reflexive motion of invocation and evocation to facilitate frequency changes in matter, to diversify abstract frequencies, and relate concrete frequencies.

When we consider economy, it is economy “of”….

Economy does not come into play with the formless, the unknown. But it can hide forms, and create the illusion that they do not exist. 

The subconscious is part of our economy for the proper and healthy working out of consciousness and development of the One Life in time and space. 

Economy characterizes the dimension of a form - an idea, a thought, a feeling, a sensation - its height, breadth, depth and width.

It creates the experience of separation to validate, to prove, unity. 

Wielding economy is wielding choice and decision. Envisioning the consequences of a cause, an impulse, an inspiration in motion in time and space.   Decision is flipping the switch to send that impulse along a specific course, surfing the karmic waves created to move from here to there.

Economy is the bloom of an idea. 

Economy is always circulating energy, force and substance from north to south and east to west, creating spheres in time and space. When these spheres are filled with consciousness transformed, transmuted and translated into identity, then they dissolve or explode, replenishing space with a higher frequency for new spherical forms. 

The use of magic is an economic endeavor. Magicians are economists of the spirit.

Economy captures energy, contains it, precipitates the energy into a duality, a pair of opposites, which creates a triad - the point of inspiration and its dual aspects within a focal point - as the energy circulates between the inspiration and its positive and negative expression within a field of attraction and repulsion (a field of love), it drives the push and pull of friction, creating intensity, creating a chaotic force at first, resolved into a harmonious focus of force manifesting power, creating the propulsive force necessary to move the ideal into etheric frequency where it is vitalized like molten lava, and possibility encrusted with a physical elemental. The greater the dimensions of the inspiration, the more intensity, power, quality, energy, force and substance it focalizes, contains, pressurizes, so will be the energy generated on the return path of evolution. 

When the inspiration impresses the head center, economic law directs it further into manifestation, sets it on a course “downward”. Let it descend fearlessly. Fear is resistance to movement and change. It is naturally attracted into the cave for distribution to the ajna, throat and heart centers. 

There are no dimensions to this new inspiration. Let the abstract frequency contend with past and current visions, thoughts and voices, and group relationships created through developed patterns of attraction and repulsion. Fear can freeze the contention into crystalized glaciers of false peace. Through courage and a sense of wonder, the field of consciousness is enabled to embrace the triad of inspiration and its pair of opposites in inclusiveness and love. Life can flow, can contend, between these triadal points fluidly in this warm atmosphere. As the rhythm of the life force moving between these points increases velocity, one point cannot be distinguished from another, and the points express as a synthesis.

It continues its downward motion, working out into the frequency of the solar plexus, sacral and base of the spine.

For example, in the head center, we may be impressed with the inspiration of “vitality of the One”. 

It is attracted into the cave, perhaps it becomes “life more abundant”.

It may be envisioned in the ajna as “a network of golden streams of concretized energy”.

In the heart, maybe it becomes “sharing”.

In the throat, maybe it becomes “monetary philanthropy” or creating a philosophical economic framework for giving and receiving.

When it reaches the solar plexus, sacral and base of the spine centers, these higher frequencies of the same idea contend with the past, with every experience that has patterned ownership, of “my”. An abstract idea of vitality of the One, life more abundant, golden streams of circulating energy, sharing and philosophical frameworks contact our subconscious and conscious persona desires, fears about “my money”, “my control”, “my lack”, “my survival”, “my family”, “my tribe”, “my trauma”, “my desires”, “my comfort”, “my love”, “my hate”, “my budget”, etc. 

We have the option to allow fear to temporarily sever the alignment between the pairs of opposites and the inspirational source through fight, flight or freeze. Never let a part of yourself hide, run away, dominate, become paralyzed, appease, disengage, lie, go numb, or become apathetic. Courage and wonder and interest can allow this triad (inspiration plus its polar opposite manifestation) to circulate the life force between each of these focal points in a rhythmic ceremony, allowing each expression and influence with the other points, allowing positions to be taken if that is the quality of the matter, and equally allowing the positions to change, to modify, to adapt, and possibly to dissolve their forms through death. Death is always an option to healing, to resolution. 

Indomitable, rhythmic flow of life from the top of our head to the tips of our toes fills the chalice of the causal field; transformation, transmutation and translation of the energy, force and substance of the life filling the chalice creates a greater dimension, an exponential growth of consciousness, a fusion within the causal field until it must radiate, pour forth that powerful, qualified and characterized life into appearance, as a gentle twinkling, steady brilliance, or intense, instantaneous flash. 

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